June 30, 2005

UP AWARE's Statement on GMA confession


Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has finally spoken; the nation remains on the brink of upheaval.

Our worst fears have been confirmed. We have a President who cheated her way into office. This has been made clear by her tacit admission that she is the female voice behind the notorious audio tapes.

Her cautious apology insults us even more. She clarifies that her only mistake was to engage in a telephone conversation with a COMELEC commissioner during the election period. What she wants us to believe is that her impropriety lay merely in inquiring about election results with the Commissioner. Her spin doctors and paid hacks have been peddling this lie.

Despite their pathetic efforts, the nation is not fooled. Mrs. Arroyo may hide behind her supposed ambiguous statements in the taped conversation. However, what she and the Commissioner were speaking about is patently clear: they were involved in a conspiracy to clinch the presidency.

This controversy has not only exposed an illegitimate and an immoral president but it also reveals the deplorable extent of the political decay that afflicts our nation. This is a country where police and military generals, senatorial and local candidates, as well as COMELEC officials, and even the President and her first family manipulate the elections. When MalacaƱang frantically divulged the audio tapes, it even came out with a fabricated version to confuse the public. Confident of their numbers in Congress, they are now prepared to stage impeachment proceedings. Such is the power that these officials wield that they can brazenly act out their half-baked plot. Neither fear nor respect for the people’s decisive will to struggle for sovereignty and democracy matter to these political scoundrels.

The generalized deterioration of the socio-economic and political conditions in our country, Arroyo’s debauchery of public office, and her loss of public trust must prompt us to seek new leaders with legitimacy and moral authority. Her new gameplan “to close this chapter and move on with the business of governing” reeks of hypocrisy and condescension.

Arroyo is the festering sore that represents the political ills that plague our nation. She has lost all moral basis to remain in power. We distrust her appeals to the “rule of law” and her cohorts’ machinations for a mock impeachment trial. Instead, we call for her immediate resignation.

Or else, the Filipino people, as always, will not think twice in booting out an illegitimate and immoral president. In Arroyo’s faithful and exclusive service to the elite of this nation, we suffer; in her corrupt and destabilizing schemes we are outraged; and in her pompous self-indulgence we are forced to raise the stakes even higher. We cannot forgive her for she obviously knows what she has done.

Sorry is not enough. Resign now!

Join the mobilization on June 30 at Plaza Miranda. Assembly at the AS lobby 10:30 – 11:30 am.

UP AWARE is a broad alliance of faculty, students, research and extension personnel, and administrative staff calling for the removal of GMA.

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