February 4, 2009

Foot in mouth disease

January 21, 2009 sa Philippine Star, sa article na "Pro-GMA lawmakers deny GMA to use stimulus plan for Cha-cha":

...Meanwhile, President Arroyo said the country’s economy has so far avoided the full brunt of the global economic crisis owing to its fundamental strengths that has been acknowledged by local and international financial and rating institutions.

In her speech at the annual vin d’ honneur or the traditional New Year’s toast with members of the diplomatic corps in MalacaƱang, Mrs. Arroyo said 2008 was “a year for the history books” as it was “a crisis year for two-thirds of the world.”

“In the Philippines, we avoided the full brunt of the economic downturn. We kept our sights set on navigating the treacherous waters. We kept the crisis at bay—thanks to the fiscal, economic and structural reforms we implemented in the past—even while it was unpopular to do so,” she said...

AFTER 9 DAYS:  January 30, 2009, headline ng Business World:

Gov't caught unprepared
...scrambles to determine extent of job losses per industry

SAYING that recent, successive reports of job losses were “very unusual” and have
made the government “nervous,” the Labor department is meeting with industry groups today to ascertain the situation of each sector and explore measures to help laid-off workers.

“Before this year, there were 200,000 workers who lost their jobs, but there were always 200,000 others that took their place,” Labor Secretary Marianito D. Roque recounted in a public forum in Manila yesterday.

“Now, we are nervous, because the situation is different,” he admitted. “It is very unusual.”

He said the number of workers that have been retrenched since Dec. 1 has reached 19,400 as of yesterday, from a total of 15,000 reported by the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) at the end of last week.

DoLE also tallied 34,000 workers that have been affected by measures such as reduced work hours, forced leave and compressed workweeks, from 19,000 last week.

Mr. Roque cited as particularly worrying the rising number of factories closing. Bulk of the retrenchments occurred in the electronics sector and from companies located in Region IV-A, which hosts two of the country’s key industrial parks...


* Don't take credit when credit is not due.
* Don't count your eggs until they hatch.
* Numbers don't lie.
* Politicians do.
* Kapag may magandang balita, achievement ng admin. Kapag may masamang balita, kasalanan ng iba.