June 7, 2005

First(s) Day

Today is the first day of my seventh semester as a teacher. And despite my three-year experience, being a teacher does not stop from catching me by surprise. Here are some of my "firsts" today:

1) Would you believe it, it's just my first time to teach Basic Accounting. My fellow Accountancy teachers were actually wondering why I am still studying and preparing for the subject.

2) My first time to teach second year students in the first semester. They're so...meek and gentle. Now it's time to help them grow some devilish horns. Hehehe. :p

3) My first time to reach one hour in my first day of classes. I usually take only twenty minutes.

4) My first time to have a foreign student. He totally caught me off-guard when he raised his hand and said, "Sir, I can not understand Tagalog." Well, at least that means I can practice my stand-up comedy routine in English.

f) My first time to use similar lectures on different subjects. I just modified my introductory lecture in Basic Accounting by about three sentences, and to my delight, it fit as my introductory lecture in Managerial Accounting. Wow, I actually pulled it off!!! (Palusot!!!) I hope I can still pull it off tomorrow, because I'm too lazy right now to do another class preparation. :)


Mark Christian said...

mmm... good good... gurong rafael... gwapo ba yung foreign student mo... baka pwede mo kaming i-set for a date... hahaha... baka sakaling makatulong ako sa pagpapalago ng kanyang sungay... hahaha... =p

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hey Paeng... nababasa ng mga students mo blog mo? :)

gary said...

let's do the funk! lets do the first day funk!

Paeng said...

^ Pareng Gerry, of course!!! Hindi ko sila titirahin nang patalikod. :p