April 14, 2005


Hay, naku. Switch mode muna tayo:

Geek mode on

I used to be a geek. A comic geek in particular. Anyway, in keeping with Mr. Jologs' pauso (although he just plagiarized this idea from another geek), we'll play a meme game. Just to show everybody how geeky I am.

Here are the mechanics:

1. I will post a list of 15 fandoms, which may include tv shows, musicals, movies, books, etc...
2. You, my friends, will guess my favorite character / member from each fandom. You need not give a guess for all fandoms.
3. When guessed correctly, I will indicate the character's name in my original post, acknowledge the guy / girl / object who made the correct guess, and write a sentence about why I like the character.

OK, so here's my list. Guess my favorite character / member from each of the following fandom. Do you really know me and my taste? Hehehe.

1. The X-Men (comics, not the movie)

cyclops Psychicpants and Nanoy got this correctly. Always mistaken as stiff, Cyclops is actually a bad-ass character, cheating on his wife, performing euthanasia and frequently disobeying the Professor's orders. Also, Cyclops is my favorite because he's the antithesis to the X-Man I hate the most, that wretched Wolverine!!! Die, die, die, you overhyped midget!!!

2. The Avengers (I have two...err three answers here. Hehehe)

3. GTO (live drama)

onizukaNanoy got this one. Well...who else but the great teacher himself, Eikichi Onizuka!!! "I am a teacher, first and foremost." Someday I hope I would be a Great Teacher myself. GTP. Great Teacher Panget!!! :p

4. Eraserheads

lemonNanoy, who has been idolizing me for quite some time, got this one again. My favorite Eraserhead is Raimund Marasigan. Because of Cambio, Sandwich, and Natin99. And Maalalahanin. He's a real Pinoy rock genius.

5. Eat...Bulaga!

lastikmanNanoy, did you peek ay my answer key? Bossing Vic is a real genius. The proof? He's the record holder of the highest grade ever in Bulagaan. 1,000,000,000%!!! Get get AAAAWWWWWWW!!!

6. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

7. Lost (the TV series)

lockeLost is my latest TV addiction, and Locke has been the most fascinating character so far. He's creepy, but at the same time he is sympathetic. He's deranged but he speaks the wisest words. He looks like a two-bit extra, but it appears that he would play a very big role in the series. His character is full of contradictions, which makes him stand out from the rest of the cast.

8. The Incredibles

DashNanoy got this one again. Dash has the funniest expressions and the coolest moments in the movie. And he can run on water!!! Damn, it, can it get any cooler than that?!!!

9. The Crew (does anybody even know this one? LOL)

10. Beerkada

alanMy lalabs got this right. Alan Polantoc is the Beerkada member who often thinks tha he's cool and usually ends up looking or sounding ridiculous in the process. He also delivered the best romatic lines during his courtship of Beerkadet Boopey.

11. Earth X

12. Watchmen

rorschachNanoy and I seems to be on the same wavelength? Rorschach delivered one of my favorite lines in a comic book. "No. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise" Also, he's a good role model for the youth. "Existence is random. Has no pattern save what we imagine after staring at it for too long. No meaning save what we choose to impose. This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. It is not god who kils the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It's us. Only us."

13. Fruits Basket

shigureRia again got this one, which is not surprising considering that she's the one who introduced me to this cartoon series. Shigure is the funniest among the Fruits Basket cast, and I love how he plays pranks to everyone. I would like to read one of those "romantic" books that he has written. Hehehe.

14. Lord of the Rings (movie)

gandalfWayne got this one. Gandalf was not originally my favorite character when I was watching LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring. It was originally Aragorn. But then came this amazing scene inside Moria where they confronted the Balrog. And when Gandalf shouted, "You can not pass!!!", I was sold. Gandalf is the coolest of them all.

15. Original Pinoy Superheroes

Let the guessing game begin!!! (As if somebody would bother to answer this. Hehehe.)


psychicpants said...

1. Cyclops
2. Iron Man
4. Ely Buendia
5. Joey de Leon
6. Pilot
11. Mister X
12. Night Owl
14. Aragorn

nanoy said...

1. x-men - cyclops din. :D
2. avengers - capt. america(andami mo kasing komiks na solo niya), vision, wonder man
3. GTO - ano ba yan, syempre si onizuka
4. Eheads - iaasyum ko na pareho tayo: Raymund
5. Eat.. Bulaga! - si bosing vic
6. Capt Power - yung nagc-cloak(di ko alam pangalan)
7. Lost - yung doktor
8. Incredibles - si dash
9. The Crew - yung may anti-gravity
(nakalimutan ko pangalan)
10. Beerkada - yung tungorks na intsik (nakalimutan ko din pangalan)
11. Earth X - Mr.Fantastic/Dr.Doom
12. Watchmen - Rorscach
13. Fruits Basket - yung nagiging pusa (nakalimutan ko din pangalan)
14. LOTR - Aragorn
15. OPS - Lastikman

kapag madami akong nahulaan, anong premyo? :p

Paeng said...

Psychicpants' Answers:

1. Correct
2. Used to be, but not anymore. Maybe in another future. wink wink :)
4. Nope
5. He's my third favorite
6. Nope
8. No answer?
11. Who's Mister X? Still, it's incorrect.
12. Nope. The answer here is quite easy.
14. Nope.

Kamote's answers

1. Galing mangopya.
2. Not even one correct answer. Hehehe. I have a lot of Captain America comics just because I was assigned to review it.
3. Great!!!
4. Did you peek at my answer key?
5. I think you did peek at my answer key.
6. Nope
7. Nope
8. Correct!!!
9. Nope
10. Nope, but he's close second
11. Nope, but he closely looks like him *wink wink*
12. Yes!!!
13. This is Ria's favorite, not mine
14. Nope
15. Nope, but he's second favorite to the king . :D

riadiosa said...

10. yung matangkad, forgot the name. greg ba? basta ung may ka-love team na tinusok sya ng bolpen at itak.
13. isa kang aso!!! shigure!

eto muna at takas lang ito! =)

Anonymous said...

14. yung maliit. ung kakumpetensya ni orlando bloom -ria

nanoy said...

ang yabang naman nito, di ako sumilip sa answer key mo ah... :p

di na ko sasagot ulit, mukhang may advantage ang pagiging magkapatid natin eh... hehe...

Paeng said...

ang galing naman ng lalabs ko. nakha niya si Alan (hindi Greg) at si Shigure. mwah!!!

pero mali sa LOTR. hindi maliit ang paborito ko. :)

wayne said...

for Lost: Locke
for LOTR: Gandalf

Paeng said...

^ vey good, Wayne. :)

wow, 10 out of 15 have been identified. Now if only somebody would dare to guess my favorite Avengers. :p

jhay said...

the avengers:
incredible hulk, hawkeye, dr. hank pym(ant man, giant man, goliath, yellowjacket)