October 4, 2005


How can they accuse people of destabilization if the government and the economy is not stable in the first place?


little light said...


a de brux said...

There is no doubt that Gloria's vision has been blurred by that horrible illness that affects one's appetite known as greed. Her vision therefore has been damaged so badly that she no longer sees the truth.

Just look at what she said today which, btw, appeared as your headline story in the Inquirer News on the net:
(http://www.inq7.net/index_network.htm):  "Arroyo calls opponents coup plotters, thieves"

See what I mean? I can hear you all say "Good God! Look who's talking?"

And you are right! Because Gloria's vision "thing" is so bad, allow me to re-fresh your memory with a few questions here:

Who plotted against President Estrada, the constitutionally-elected president of the Republic from day one of Estrada's election as president?

Who stole the presidency not once but twice?

Who stole the mantle of leadership from the Commander in Chief when she organized the military mutiny against him?

Who stole money from national treasury to finance her presidential campaign?

Who led the toppling of the duly, constitutionally elected president of the Philippines on 20 January 2001?

Who stole votes during the 2004 Presidential elections?

Who led the plot to defraud more than 10 million Filipinos of their right for having voted Estrada president when she took Malacanang?

Who toppled the already shaking foundations of the Republic by victimizing the Supreme Court?

Who stole what's left of Filipino dignity?

Who toppled the foundations of Philippine democratic ambitions in January 2001?

Who lied in December 2002 when she swore she wouldn't run for presidency again?

Who stole the last shred of morality left in an already morally confused Republic?

Who is the leader of the oldest game in the world - FOLLOW THE LEADER - as practised in the Philippines today?

Who is the biggest Catholic bigot in the country today?

Who is the most morally inept leader the country has today?

Who is the biggest liar, cheat and thief of them all?

Which so-called president should be accused of coup plotting and thieving today?

By the way, if you answer GLORIA MACAPAL - a.k.a. GLORIA MAGNANAKAW, GLORIA SINUNGALING, GLORIA, THE MORAL MIDGET - to at least 15 of the 17 questions here, then you are all some of the bravest of the brave.