July 24, 2004

Sore Loser?

I have been on the losing end of an interschool contest more times than I can remember.  Actually, it's one of my frusrations in life, never being able to bring "glory" to my alma mater.  But I took these losses in stride.  I know a deserving winner when I see one.

And that was not the case last night in the PMA-sponsored 1st Asian Marketing Competition held in PICC.

Oh, Ateneo de Manila was really good.  They deserve to be the champions.  But I can not for the life of me understand why UST got the second place.  I am not sourgraping.  It's not because FEU has not won.  It's because UST did not deserve it.  So much so that the UST members cried in surprise when they were called.  It brought a shocking look of disbelief not only from the FEU students in the area but also from other participants.

If the judges can explain to me how a team can win despite blundering in the defense of their marketing plan ("Sir, did I answer your question?  Uh..no?  Are we...connecting?") and depite shying away from the theme of the case study (It's supposed to be Jollibee going in the global market; turns out the winners are the ones who did not recommend Jollibee going global), I would erase this rant from this blog.  But until then, I would always eye the credibility of this contest with suspicion.  I know a deserving winner when I see one.  And sadly, UST's marketing competition team does not deserve it.  No offense meant, but that's a fact.

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jhoana said...

honestly,its not the first time feu has been discriminated.there are many instances na natatalo ang mga tage feu hindi dahil hindi sila magagaling kundi dahil sa pangalan ng skul palang e minamata na tayo.i strongly agree with you sir that ust should not have placed 2nd.salamat at kahit papano ay nabawasan ang sama ng loob ko dahil kayo ay naniniwalang may laban ang feu sa labang yun