July 24, 2004

Chin Up!

It's been part of my working routine to conduct a performance evaluation after the prelim period.  I really value feedback and it really helps me to improve my teaching during the course of the semester.  However, I was shocked when I read this comment:

"Sir, wala po sa inyo yung problema, nasa amin po.  Mahirap talagang maging bobo..."

There's no such thing as a "bobo"Kabobohan is just a label that we put on ourselves because we feel frustrated that we can't get something done right.  Kabobohan does not come naturally.  It's an artificial construct, a defense mechanism that we put up when we don't feel like fighting anymore.

If I gave in to the belief of kabobohan, I would not even be in my current position in the academe.  Specially with a very short memory like mine.

So, to that guy / gal who believes that he / she's bobo, chin up!!!  Don't believe in kabobohan.  Ironic as it may seem, it's all in the mind...


c-h-a-t said...

la lng. i just want to say i agree n la nman tlagang bobo. there are lazy people, stubborn, alang pangarap, mahina ang pick-up pro ala nman bobo. naoofset ng ibang strength ang mga weaknesses diba? hehehe......... la lng. nanggugulo ulit!!

c-h-a-t said...
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tiger said...

i agree dat theres no such thing as bobo!!!focus on the things that u have to do and believe in ur self that you can do it!!!work hard,study hard but at the same time make sure u enjoy what ur doing and don't forget to have some fun!!!