May 27, 2007

Make poverty reduction your business

Plugging muna. Baka may interesado sa inyo, we are promoting a competition for entrepreneurs who want to start a business that will help alleviate poverty. Parang conflicting, ano? Profit-making at poverty reduction. Pero nung makita ko ang mga business plans last year, I think this is the way to go para matransform natin ang business landscape from heartlessness to social and civic consciousness. Malay natin, maghimala. Hehehe.

This year, I am one of the screeners. Siguro pag tumagal-tagal, ako naman ang magjojoin kapag may naisip na akong magandang business. Sa totoo lang, may naiisip na ako, pero lulutuin ko pa.


Dear friends,

The Philippine Business in Development (BiD) Challenge is an International Business Plan Competition for poverty reduction and profit.

Apart from prize money to be won, entrepreneurs can find coaching, partners and investors. It's a worldwide initiative. PBSP is the organizer in the Philippines and we invite you take on this challenge. Submit your three page business plan and use this opportunity.

Please spread the word and forward this to people and/or organisations for whom this could be relevant.

Questions? See our website or send an email to the PBSP BiD Challenge Team at

BiD Challenge

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Habang iniisip ko ang competition na ito where entrepreneurs and investors are matched, naisip ko ang role ng venture capitalists sa ganitong mga initiatives. These companies make their living by shepherding unproven but viable upstart businesses. One example is Venture Alliance Partners, who describe themselves as "one of the leading providers of private equity, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors build world class companies." Such companies are vital for SMEs in developing countries because of what the BiD Network calls as "the ‘missing middle’ problem: There is a financing gap between $5,000 and $500,000 (where microfinance stops and commercial finance starts)." The question though is would venture capitalists like Venpar take a chance on businesses who aim for the seemingly conflicting goal of profit-taking and poverty reduction?

Well, we can always hope.


Sige na nga, sabihin ko na kung anong business yung gusto kong isali dito. Yung business school na nabanggit ko na sa post na ito. Business school na hindi lang entrepreneurs ang gustong maproduce kundi mga social entrepreneurs. Sana nga matuloy.

Ano kayang magandang pangalan?

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melai said...

sama mo ko sa negosyong naiisip mo ha :) pwede na kong secretary :)