December 6, 2006

Enriching the newspeak dictionary

Mga contributions ng GMA admin sa newspeak dictionary:

dissent and criticism -> destabilization
supporting the admin / criticizing the opposition -> free speech
supporting the opposition / criticizing the admin -> inciting to sedition
calling an election official to cheat -> lapse of judgment
defacto martial law -> state of national emergency
violent dispersal of public assemblies critical to the government -> calibrated preemptive response
coup d'etat -> withdrawal of support
withdrawal of support -> coup d'etat (depende kung sino gumawa)
amendment -> revision
revision -> amendment (depende kung sino kausap)
initiative of government officials in their last term -> people's initiative

Ngayong araw lang, may bago na naman silang dagdag sa newspeak dictionary:

to change the rules to keep themselves in power -> to overhaul the country’s degenerated political system (luma na pala ito)
railroading -> bold political move (eto, bago talaga)

We learn something new everyday. :)


charleslemark said...

nice work on the "re-definition" of the terms.

ariel said...

Good job! Thanks for documenting what we have become as a people.