October 9, 2004

Wake-up Call

Last semester, I got the highest rating in the Institute's performance evaluation for teachers.

I never thought that it would get into my head. Unfortunately, I think it did.

This afternoon, I saw my performance evaluation rating for this semester. I was already expecting that it would go down, but I never thought that it would go so far down that I actually matched the rating I got during my first semester of teaching.

Damn, I got the same rating I got when I was still an inexperienced teacher.

I have always been conscious about my performance rating scores. It's not because I am trying to get that damned Teaching Excellence Award. Or because I am trying to compete with my fellow faculty. I just think that I owe it to the students to make sure that I'd always give them my best effort. And looking back at my teaching this semester, I think I failed in achieving that because I became a bit overconfident as my "success" last semester clouded my mind.

I will not allow yesterday's success to lull me into today's complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure" - Og Mandino

Anyway, I think it's important to note my mistakes this semester:

1) I did not return any papers.
2) I did not update my students about their grades.
3) I had LOTS of absences. It did not show up in my pay slip because a lot were on official business, so I did not immediately notice. :p
4) I conduct classes for one hour only.
5) I did not conduct the prelim and midterm performance evaluations that I used to do in the past.
6) There were times when I was too tired in class.
7) I did not follow the syllabus.
8) I did not teach in English (well, I'm just noting this but why the hell should I teach in English when it's more fun to teach in Filipino? hahaha!!!)
9) I did not make an effort to know my students' names.
10) I guess I did not teach as well as last semester specially in Financial Management as evidenced by the results of the departmental exams.

Arrrggghhh!!! Wake-up call, Paeng!!! Time to learn and make necessary adjustments (except on item 8. hahaha!). I guess it's back to the drawing board again.


Anyway, congrats to my friend, Ms. Grace Dijamco, who entered the Institute's Top 10 with an excellent showing in her first semester handling B.S. Accountancy students. Sabi ko naman sa iyo magaling ka, 'yaw mo lang maniwala. :)


glaiza said...

huh?? syang nmn un sir... neweiz, cguro mga usual shortcomings n lng un ng mga prof, skit n kng baga.. but ur teaching style simply rocks!!! i learned a lot... un nga lng i cn't evaluate my learnings... hehehehe...

OT: ang daling nmn ni Ms. Grace, she was my prof in MAS 1... hehehe... daling nmn...

gudluck po señong 2.. godspeed!! ñ_ñ

Anonymous said...

i think failure to receive such award doesnt necessarily mean u didnt do ur best (though you admitted ur shortcomings hehehe.....). meron lng cgurong mga prof na nadoble ang sipag this sem kya cla ung pumasok. honestly, though ndi ko kyo nakikta lagi (its either me or you who is absent hehehe......), i like ur teaching style. ndi cya burdensome sa students. tsaka "kids" learn more if they are enjoying the discussion and ur discussions are fun enough to shield us from boredom. ur still a great teacher no matter what!!! un lng!

emhelonykken said...

sir oks lang yun kahit hindi kayo ngtop this sem... number 1 prof. pa rin kayo saming mga BSA... thanks for visiting my home... medyo hindi ko pa lang po naayos pero this sem yun ang pagkakaabalahan ko...

Anonymous said...

hay naku sir bsta para samin kau tlga ang d best...sana nga maging prof ka pa namen kht sa lahat pa nga ng subject eh....

Anonymous said...

wow!!!napabilib nyo naman ako lalo sir


bihira na ang taong na aadmit ng mga kamalian/mistakes nya!!!