June 30, 2004

I love you, Sam Raimi!!!

I got to watch Spiderman 2 on its first day of showing here in Manila, and I have got to say that this is the most satisfying comic book based movie that I have ever seen. Thank you, Sam Raimi, for doing this work of love. I really, really enjoyed the "experience".

Incidentally, it's my first time to watch in G4. Now I understand why they charge a higher price for watching in their cinema. That has got to be the clearest movie screen i have ever seen. And the sound was amazing. I would love to watch in G4 again. (Specially for The Incredibles! When would that be shown in Manila.)

Watch Spiderman 2!!! It's worth every peso you would spend on it. :)


Drama Queen Extraordinaire said...

*kaway kaway* nood kayu kill bill din!!! kill bill vol. 2!!! kill bill vol. 2!!! :P plugging lang po :D

Anonymous said...

hi sir... si ermin to.

agree ako...it was awesome. some of the movies i've seen had bad sequels, like the matrix and, sadly for me, kill bill. ewan ko, i just didn't like the ending. sorry if you were looking forward to it.

next time i post kasama na profile ko dito...kaya lang punuin ko muna, kahiya naman baka mabasa mo blog ko isa lang ang laman...:)

looking forward to the next batman and xmen sequels.

Anonymous said...

Yes do watch "The Incredibles" and be proud because Pinoys are behind the great film yet again!

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Enjoy blogging!