April 14, 2009


Easter period ngayon. For a lot of Christians, it's a time of hope. That despite the loss of the corporeal body, those who died will still live. Kung paano, di ko alam. Sabi nga nila, walang makakaalam.

Ngayon ang unang Easter na may kulang sa aming pamilya.

I never really gave myself time to grieve my father's death. Whether it's out of pride, machismo or an "I need to be strong for others" complex, I don't know. Or maybe I do know but I just can't get myself to admit it. But despite the lack of grief, that doesn't mean that I do not feel sad. In fact, not a day passed by that I did not think of my father.

Sa totoo lang, I am not sold completely to the idea of life after death. But in this time of Easter, I can not help but look at this blog and find myself wishing na sana, magkaroon ng update.

Sana mag-update si Tata Ernie.

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Jazmin said...

Hi Paeng,

I have not been a believer in Easter myself.Imagine, every year,pinapatay at binubuhay si Kristo. Tapos, majority naman nagpupunta sa resort para mag-outing!

Yung tatay ko who died in 1995 always visits me in my dreams almost every two months. Kaya lang puro images lang nya and wala namang message. I wonder now if it is true that when you die, you are forever gone. And that the idea of soul is a religious belief that is yet to be proven.

Pero, paano kung wala ngang promised land? Paano na lang yung namumuhunan ng good deeds sa lupa?