July 24, 2007

Right and popular

"I'd rather be right than popular" sabi ni GMA sa kanyang huling SONA. Magandang catchphrase, pero bakit either / or ang dating? Hindi ba puwedeng right AND popular? Bakit ang dating ng statement na ito ay ako (si GMA) ang tama at ang mga taumbayan ay mali?

But isn't the people deciding on their fate the essence of democracy? Anupa't tinawag tayong demokrasya kung hindi rin naman ang mga tao ang masusunod?

1 comment:

number cruncher said...

being right than popular, in itself, is a noble thing.

pero, well, ang pinag-uusaapan naman ay ang reyna emperatriz... tsk3x...

that's the disease sweeping the bureacracy, because once they're in power, they think they're entitled to think that they're better than their constituents.

kaya nga gustong magparliamentary, para maalis ang kapangyarihang makapagpili ng sariling pinuno mula sa mga mamamayan.

or essentially adding another stumbling block in the process instead of going for streamlining & direct approaches to selection, just so they can maintain their power for their own perceived vision.

you were elected to forward our agenda! not your own!

sorry for ranting on a sunday morning...