December 23, 2003

Hail to the King!!!

well, it would still be a while before i have this blog up and running its normal course, but i just have to say this. i finally got to watch Return of the King, the third installment in Tolkien's epic trilogy, and Peter Jackson is truly one of the greats in moviemaking history.

with the Lord of the Rings, Jackson has brought back the epic feel and sense of wonder that have been missing from movies for such a long time. i can't wait to have the chance to watch the whole trilogy in one sitting.

the only thing i would have wanted from ROTK would be some more...deaths. :p i kept on waiting for pushover Frodo to finally bite the dust, but alas, we can not undo what Tolkien has done. :)

it's really sad that the magic is finally over. and i doubt that Jackson's LOTR will ever find its match in the coming years. oh, well...maybe if somebody would be crazy enough to do a 10-part Wheel of Time series. :)

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