June 6, 2009

Published in PDI!

Computer illiterate solons unmasked
by Erwin Rafael

The inclusion of blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook in the coverage of the proposed Right of Reply (RoR) bill (“Right of reply bill to cover bloggers, texters,” Inquirer, 5/31/09) betrays our lawmakers’ lack of technological savvy. If these “honorable” congressmen are Internet-literate at all, they would know that these websites have interactive features which already provide them a venue to post their replies in real time.

In the case of some websites which moderate or do not allow viewer comments, an “aggrieved” party can easily set up his own free blog or sign up for a social networking account so that he can post his rebuttals for the whole worldwide web to see. In the interactive world of “New Media,” demanding the right of reply is a redundancy.

Then again, we have lawmakers who are so technologically inept that they do not even know what a USB is (clue: it is not a software) and wonder how somebody who is not a computer technician can transfer videos from a camera to a computer (clue: ask your teenage children how to do it). I doubt if they can create their own Blogger or Facebook account. Heck, I don’t think they even know how to open their e-mail. I have been e-mailing a lot of lawmakers for the longest time on several issues and not once have I received a reply or even a confirmed read receipt from them.

I was also amused when I read the reply of the primary sponsor of the bill to Rep. Raymond Palatino. The reply—“Primarily, this bill refers to media publications and practitioners. I would think it will be defined more on the IRR”—sounds so unsure. Maybe lawmakers should start writing laws by themselves instead of letting their lowly paid staff do the work for them so that they can be sure about the contents of the bills they sponsor.

For anybody who feels aggrieved by this opinion, you are most welcome to exercise your right of reply on my blog: http://akosipaeng.blogspot.com.


OK, nakaka-once a month na ako. Career na ito. Hahaha


number cruncher said...

Pwedeng-pwede!!! Hehehe! :D

Shioan said...

I couldn't agree more! I also had my eyebrow raised when they said the bill would also include blogs and social networks. Ano to, China? Just how exactly are they going to do that? Iisa-isahin ba nila ang mga websites at hahalukayin lahat ng Filipino accounts? I think China realized it's going to be really tedious that way so they just blocked the entire site itself. Heck, until now we can't even come up an automated election system and now they dare to venture into cyberspace? Who are they kidding?

Mhelskie said...

Ayuszzz! Cguradong magra rally mga tao(including me) pag blinock nila ang buong Facebook site sa pinas. Nokor in the making?

Pag nanalo si kap as VP, ayawan na!

Paeng said...

^ tatakbong VP si Kap?!

number cruncher said...

Malamang tatakbo nga si kap... di ko lang alam kung up for reelection sya o VP, pero wag ka nang magtaka kung bakit maingay sya tungkol sa careless whisper...