October 28, 2007

Thank you, Madam President

Dear Pang(g)ulong Gloria Makapa(ga)l-Arroyo,

I know that you have been receiving a lot of hate mail lately with your pardon of Joseph "Erap" Estrada. You have been pummeled left and right by expressions of disgust over your controversial decision. But please take comfort that there are people like me who were really elated when the news broke out last Thursday. For you, I would like to say the following messages of gratitude:

Thank you, Madam President, for taking the ghost of Joseph Estrada off our shoulders. For so long, we in the anti-GMA camp had to suffer the blanket label of being pro-Erap in our actions. Now, we can oppose your unconstitutional actions without being accused of being "mga bayaran ni Wristband." Now, we can call for your resignation without being asked "Bakit, gusto mong ibalik uli sa kapangyarihan si Erap?"

Thank you, Madam President, for giving us the opportunity to clean the ranks of the opposition. Finally, we will get to see who is really fighting the principled fight and who is fighting for the control over the sharing of the spoils. Finally, we can purge from our ranks the corrupt people who'd like to impeach you for your rape of the government coffers, the martial law agents who'd like to impeach you for your human rights violations, and the vote-buyers who'd like to impeach you for saying hello to Garci.

Thank you, Madam President, for vindicating our fight against the 2004 movement to vote for the lesser evil. You have shown that there's no point in toppling an administration ran by a corrupt gambler if we're just going to replace it by an administration ran by a lying and cheating thief. The fight against the forces of evil can only be won by fighting with the forces of good. To think otherwise is sheer idiocy.

Thank you, Madam President, for slapping the faces of the middle force who supported you for the sake of "moving on" despite your numerous crimes to the country. What a tragic irony it is to see their favorite whipping boy Erap now freely partying in Polk Street upon command of their anointed savior. What a tragic irony it is that by chanting the mantra of moving on, the country took a step back in the fight against plunder, corruption and bad governance.

Thank you, Madam President, for uniting behind your administration the Estradas, the Marcoses, your various kaKAMPIs and cronies, and the other forces fighting for the preservation of the corrupt status quo. Now, the battle lines are clearly drawn. And it is time for the true opposition who believes in the fight for genuine societal change to unite and take the fight to your door. Tama na, sobra na, palitan na...KAYONG LAHAT!

Sincerely yours,

Erwin Francisco Rafael
NGO Worker


star_goddess said...


musta na? saang NGO ka ba nag-wowork?

melai said...

tyo paeng pinost ko na :) ...well at least maganda na yung malinaw ... at malinaw na malinaw yung post mo sana makaabot lol!

Equalizer said...

After all my fury and anger over the pardon,I have reflected on recent events and realized the following:

1)I always had an uneasy feeling siding with the political opposition because of Erap being its”de facto leader”.I can now forget all about Erap being part of the real opposition.Thank God!

2)The new Gloria /Erap tandem has become the unholiest of political alliances.I doubt if it will really last (is there honor among thieves?)

3)We can now forget all about EDSA DOS.It was turned into a BIG FARCE by the pardon(after the “Big Fart” last week).

4)Gloria and Ronnie keep “raising the bar” each week to divert attention from the mega scandals. Can they sustain this level week after week?

5)We shall observe the realignment of forces in the coming weeks.Imagine Villar/Cory/Escudero praising the pardon while FVR/Gordon/Joker critizing it.

Tohru Lorenzo said...

I enjoyed reading your "Madame la Presidente" while I honestly hope that they will have a government representing people. True democracy is not an aristocratic joke.

Paeng said...

Star, nagreply ako sa blog mo.

Hi, Melai. Sana makaabot nga.

Equalizer, I don't think EDSA DOS is a big farce. It's the so called civil society which is the big farce but not the event itself.

Thanks, Tohru. I really love living here, it's like a continuous democratic experiment.

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

Jusko, Paeng. Buti na lang talaga super-friends tayo and that we don't discuss politics. I always make it a point to stay away from discussions on politics when I'm with friends. but it's a very well-written letter, darling. hugs, hugs, hugs!